Healthy fruit starts at harvest

The M22AM has been designed under the fundamental principle of our company: developing products that meet the technical specificities of the avocado industry, addressing its challenges and optimizing the quality of the harvest. To understand these challenges, we have partnered with avocado producers from various countries, identifying deficiencies and obstacles in the harvest. Thanks to this knowledge, added to our extensive experience in the production of scissors, we have created an unmatched model that represents a considerable advance for the industry.

Designed for an optimal 3mm stem.
The avocado stem is vulnerable to fungi that cause various diseases. It is essential that it is not cut too close to the fruit to prevent the entry of pathogens, but it should not be too long either to avoid damaging other fruits or detaching it during post-harvest. The M22AM, with a special protrusion on the counter-blade, provides a stem cut of about 3mm, standardizing its length and facilitating the work of the collector.

Manufactured to preserve the integrity of the fruit.
Lesions on avocado are also access points for fungi. Therefore, during harvest, it is crucial to avoid damage to its skin. This is where the scissors play a fundamental role. A poorly designed scissors can cause multiple injuries to the fruit. However, the M22AM has blunt tips on its blades and rounded edges that come into contact with the fruit, ensuring a clean cut without damaging the fruit.