Experience turned into quality

Ramón Manzana with its brand Manzana Nules, we are a Spanish company located in the town of Nules and based in a region known for its great citrus tradition, birthplace of such well-known varieties as Clemenules and Oronul.

Ramón Manzana was founded as a family business in 1963, specializing in the manufacture of pliers for citrus harvesting, focusing all its efforts on the research and development of new products that improve the quality and performance of harvesting tasks, with a clear objective, satisfy the most demanding professionals.

After years of experience in the citrus sector, at Ramón Manzana we know the deficiencies, and therefore the needs that are generated in the harvests, an essential step to be able to undertake them and thus achieve an improvement in production.

Our orientation to develop products that improve the quality of the harvest has led us to enter other sectors, such as apples, avocados, persimmons or garlic; where our products are capable of making a qualitative leap in the post-harvest quality of these fruits.

Today, the company, already run by the second generation, is very clear that its mission is to offer its customers harvesting tools with high added value, with exceptional quality and service and also with a specific design that protects the original quality. of the fruit.