Avocado harvesting shears


Discover our avocado shears, a key tool for those looking to maximise the quality and efficiency of their avocado harvest. Crafted with long-lasting materials and precise blades, our shears ensure clean, agile cuts that maintain the integrity of your avocado crop-

Professional clippers for harvesting avocados, mango and other delicate fruits, belonging to the…



The M22AM model has been designed following the philosophy of our company, which is to create a product that adapts to the technical particularities faced by the avocado industry, creating a product
that solves the existing problems and improves the quality of the harvested fruit.
In order to do this, we have been introduced to the sector by avocado producing companies in various countries, finding out what are the deficiencies and problems to which the fruit is exposed during the
harvesting process. With this information and our extensive experience in the manufacture of this type of clippers, we have designed a unique model that will bring the sector a substantial improvement in the harvest and the final quality of the fruit.

Designed to leave a stem of 3mm.

The stem of the avocado is a point of entry of fungi that cause multiple pathologies. Therefore, it is necessary that the stem is not cut too close to the fruit, since there may be an entrance of pathogens that will damage the fruit. On the other hand, it is also important not to leave the stalk too long, as it may damage other fruits, and at the same time it may fall off during the post-harvest process. The M22AM model, thanks to an enhancement on the counter-blade, will leave a stalk of approximately 3 mm in length, making it easier for the worker and thus avoiding leaving stalks that are too short. In the same way, having a reference point to cut will also avoid leaving stalks that are too long, achieving stalks with a more homogeneous length.

Designed not to damage the fruit.

Another entrance door for fungi are all the wounds that the fruit may have, so it is of vital importance that during the whole harvesting process great care is taken not to produce wounds on the skin of the fruit.
In this case the clippers are of great importance because, if not properly designed, they can be responsible for a large number of injuries. The M22AM model has the tips of the two blades completely blunt, thus avoiding punctures. At the same time, all the edges that come into contact with the fruit are rounded. The result is a clipper that does not damage the fruit.