Persimmon harvesting shears


Introducing our specially designed persimmon shears, an indispensable ally for capturing the essence and freshness of this delicate fruit. Made with robust materials and precise cutting blades, these shears allow careful and precise extraction, ensuring that each persimmon is harvested at its optimum point of ripeness.

The M17-DI model is specifically designed for persimmon harvesting….



Harvesting persimmon by hand or with a generic shears leaves a high percentage of fruit with long stems that will puncture other fruit throughout the post-harvest process. These injuries constitute a high percentage of losses for the persimmon growers, in most cases between 8 and 11% of the production.

The M17-DI model is specifically designed for
persimmon harvesting.

Its main advantage is that it is designed to make a flush cut parallel to the stalk, thus avoiding the long stalks that cause so many losses to the sector. For this purpose, the M17-DI model has blades with a
length and thickness suitable for easy access to the sunken stalk of the persimmon.

It is also equipped with a curvature at the end of the blade that allows a parallel cut flush with the fruit, thus preventing the stalk from pinching other fruit. It also has a cutting stop that will position the blade at the ideal cutting point to prevent it from damaging the