Healthy fruit starts at harvest

Manual harvesting of persimmons or using non-specialized scissors results in fruits with extensive stems that can damage other persimmons in the post-harvest stages. This damage represents a significant loss for producers, ranging between 8% and 11% of total production.

Design aimed at preventing damage caused by excessive stems.
One of the outstanding characteristics of this design is its ability to make a clean cut parallel to the peduncle, eliminating the risk of leaving long stems that are responsible for losses in the industry. The M17-DI model has been equipped with blades of optimized dimensions and thickness to easily access the persimmon stem.

A curvature has also been incorporated into the end of the blade, which guarantees a parallel and flush cut of the fruit, reducing the possibility of the stem damaging other fruits. In addition, it has a cutting stop that places the blade in the precise place, avoiding damage to the persimmon.

Puncture caused by another persimmon with a long stem during handling