Apple shears


M14 AM

The main feature of these citrus harvesting clippers is their
concave blades, which are able to adapt to the shape of
apples. In this way, a much more precise
cut is achieved, avoiding leaving long stems and without
damaging the skin of the fruit.

This is another of our FRUIT CARE models. In addition, the
reduced length of its blades provides a cut with less effort.
Made of high quality carbon steel for smooth cutting and
durability. Thanks to its central bolt and nut, this model can
be adjusted as often as necessary, thus eliminating the play
caused by intensive use. Along with the clippers, a leather
strap is also supplied to hold the clippers in the hand.

Acero al carbono
Hoja de corte extrafina
Mangos ergonómicos
Realce en la contrahoja
Hojas de corte cóncavas

Healthy fruit depends on a production process that starts in the field with pre-harvest tasks and ends when the fruit reaches the final customer.