Always close to the customer

The quality of the product is essential, but this quality must be accompanied by a design and features that provide a benefit superior to that offered by the scissors that exist on the market at that time. And subsequently, carry out continuous improvement work so that the harvesting scissors and pliers continue to improve the performance and benefits they bring to the fruit industry to which they belong.

At MANZANA NULES we are leaders in the manufacture of professional scissors and pliers designed to meet the specific needs of fruit and vegetable harvesting.

Innovation with value.

For MANZANA NULES, the development process of a new product is fundamental and must be aimed at understanding the concerns and needs of the agricultural sector for which the new pliers are intended; and subsequently develop a tool that meets these needs.

To achieve this goal, it is important to be close to the client and know how to listen. Since he is the one who knows the day-to-day needs of the agricultural sector in which he works and is also the one who can give guidance to achieve an improvement solution. Therefore, at MANZANA NULES, we are constantly in contact with the client, listening patiently and seeing how we can improve our products or develop new ones that improve the quality of the harvested fruit and the performance of the workers.

This philosophy of experiencing innovation from within agriculture has allowed in recent years to expand the company’s field of action and direct efforts to develop new types of harvesting shears specialized in other fruits such as apples, persimmons, garlic and avocado or avocado.

Our people.

MANZANA NULES is not just a company, but behind it there is a human team that makes what this company is today a reality. From the design of new products, until they reach the hands of the end customer; passing through production, logistics, administration and marketing. Each of the people who are part of the company constantly strives to ensure that our products meet the expectations that customers expect and to ensure that the harvest is increasingly efficient, thus reducing post-harvest problems.

Another fundamental pillar of the company is its distributor network, made up of companies with extensive experience in the field of agriculture, who perfectly know the value that APPLE NULES products can offer to workers and agricultural companies. Furthermore, these companies share the same values as MANZANA NULES, in terms of putting the customer at the center of the business, offering a high-value product and impeccable service.

APPLE NULES products are increasingly appreciated in a greater number of countries, and so that professionals and production companies have better service and advice, they have a large network of international distributors in the main markets.