Healthy fruit starts at harvest

Healthy fruit depends on a production process that begins in the field with pre-harvest tasks and ends when the fruit reaches the final customer. The harvesting of citrus fruits is a fundamental part of this entire process, and can make a difference.

Our FRUIT CARE range is designed to reduce the percentage of skin wounds produced at the time of cutting. Thus reducing post-harvest problems.

At MANZANA NULES we are leaders in the manufacture of professional scissors and pliers designed to meet the specific needs of fruit and vegetable harvesting.

Designed to take care of your fruit

Rotten fruit is one of the main causes of economic loss, negatively affecting the results of citrus companies and many
cases also in their prestige.

Picking by hand or using some types of scissors will increase the percentage of fruit with wounds. Since many of these scissors are not designed to cut flush with the skin, they can cause a high number of wounds through which fungal spores can enter.

The Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research (IVIA) has certified that with the use of our scissors, wounds can be reduced by up to 64%. Thus achieving a very important reduction in post-harvest problems and thus increasing the quality of the citrus fruits.

To achieve these results, our range of FRUIT CARE pliers is specially designed to adapt to the morphology of the fruit, making a flat cut and without causing damage to the citrus skin.

Among the main characteristics designed to reduce the percentage of wounds, the rounded tips, curved tips, concave blades and raised counter-blade stand out.

Our FRUIT CARE pliers reduce the percentage of wounds in all types of citrus varieties, but provide great benefits in varieties where the peduncle is sunken inward. Since, in these varieties, which among others, we can find the W. Murcott / Nadorcott, the Orri or the Navel group, they are especially delicate and easy to damage. Therefore, it is essential that the scissors adapt to the shape of these fruits and be equipped with protective elements to avoid damage.