The experience turned into quality

Offering customers quality harvesting shears has always been the priority objective for MANZANA NULES. Therefore, they have always directed all efforts to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals, manufacturing pliers that combine durability, cutting quality and protection for the harvested fruit.

We have known how to combine the artisanal processes with new production techniques and latest machinery generation.

With a vocation for excellence.

MANZANA NULES has been able to combine the artisanal processes that have given its harvesting shears the quality and prestige they enjoy today, with new production techniques and state-of-the-art machinery that provide superior working precision.

At the same time, processes have been implemented aimed at evaluating the quality of the scissors manufactured.

Quality from the origin.

This philosophy, aimed at seeking excellence in manufactured products, was implemented from the first steps when Ramón Manzana realized in 1963 that the citrus harvesting pliers that he used were not adequate and decided to make his own scissors. From that moment on, a culture was established where product quality was the central axis of the entire business strategy and this continues to be valid today. For this reason, every time we develop a new product, great emphasis is placed on aspects such as the choice of the most appropriate materials, the most suitable design or the benefits it will bring to workers and fruit-producing companies.