The impact of the shears on the final quality of the citrus

Harvesting is one of the most important moments in the citrus production and marketing process. Therefore, it is important to implement a series of good practices that help maintain the quality of the fruit before harvesting.

One of the key elements, which most influences the quality of the harvest, are the shears chosen to separate the fruit from the tree. The technical characteristics of the clippers can directly influence the percentage of rotten fruit.

One of the biggest challenges facing post-harvest is the rotting that occurs due to the entry of fungal spores, which are responsible for a very high percentage of economic losses.

Among the different types of fungi that affect citrus trees, we find the Penicillium family, in its variants Penicillium Italicum (Blue Mold) and Penicillium Digitatum (Green Mold); These are responsible for the highest percentage of rotten fruits that can be seen in citrus packing stations.

A fundamental characteristic of this type of fungus is that it is transmitted through the existing wounds in the epidermis of the fruit. It is therefore essential to avoid wounding the fruit throughout the production and marketing process, as this will drastically reduce the percentage of rotten fruit.

It is therefore essential to harvest with shears. But it is also necessary that these shears adapt to the morphology of the fruit and do not produce wounds through which the fungus can enter.

All our FRUIT CARE models have been specifically designed to avoid damaging the skin of the fruit. With features that avoid the two main damages that occur during harvesting.

Curved and rounded tips.

A small curvature in the cutting blades and rounded tips prevent punctures caused by many pliers.

Enhancement on the counter-blade.

This feature is fundamental, as it prevents the counter-blade from cutting the skin of the fruit by separating the skin from the cutting edge by a few tenths of a millimeter, thus avoiding cuts in the skin of the citrus fruit.


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Harvesting is a fundamental moment in the citrus production and marketing process. That is why it is important to follow good practices to maintain fruit quality and avoid post-harvest problems.