Avocado shears


M22 AM

Professional clippers for harvesting avocados, mango and
other delicate fruits, belonging to the FRUIT CARE range.
Made of high quality carbon steel, giving it great durability and
cutting quality. Its specific design prevents injury to the skin
of the fruit while the raised section on the counter-blade will
ensure a homogeneous stalk of approximately 3 mm in length.
These characteristics will result in fruit of a higher quality

In addition, the curved handles and their non-slip coating will
provide greater ergonomics and working comfort. Together
with the shears, a leather strap is also supplied to hold the
shears in the hand.

Acero al carbono
Mangos ergonómicos
Mangos antideslizantes
Aristas redondeadas

Healthy fruit depends on a production process that starts in the field with pre-harvest tasks and ends when the fruit reaches the final customer.