Citrus shears



Designed for the harvesting of citrus fruits with leaves.
The harvesting of citrus fruit with leaves is increasingly in
demand by the end markets. Following the philosophy of
adding value to the fruit industry, a problem shared by all
producers and marketers of this type of fruit was detected.

The problem lies in the fact that when the branch is cut with
conventional shears, the hard end of this branch causes
a high percentage of punctures to other fruit during the
post-harvest process. This model is designed to cut and at
the same time soften the end of the branch, thus achieving
a very high reduction in the percentage of wounds between fruits.

Acero al carbono
Corte bypass
Hoja de corte extrafina
Mango plastificado
Corte deslizante
Mango con mayor palanca

Healthy fruit depends on a production process that starts in the field with pre-harvest tasks and ends when the fruit reaches the final customer.