Citrus harvesting shears

_0001_alloy steel

M96 AM

This model is an adaptation of the M95 model for other
markets. It has shorter and more curved handles, which
allow the hand to adapt better and obtain a more ergonomic
position. These citrus harvesting clippers are also made
entirely of high-alloy steel for high cutting quality and wear

This model has a tongue and groove assembly that offers a
perfect cut despite the slack that can appear over time, due
to intensive use. It also has an extra-fine cutting blade that
will avoid leaving long stalks. Model belonging to the FRUIT
CARE range.

Acero al carbono
Corte bypass
Hoja de corte extrafina
Puntas redondeadas
Puntas curvadas
Mangos ergonómicos
Realce en la contrahoja

Healthy fruit depends on a production process that starts in the field with pre-harvest tasks and ends when the fruit reaches the final customer.